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lettering for UP’s A-50-17, 50’ automobile car with end doors

Part Number: UP A-50-17b

Price: $8.50

In October 1941, the U.P.’s Omaha Shops built 250, 50’ autocars as Class A-50-17; with Dreadnaught end doors supplied by Standard Railway Equipment Co of Chicago. The end door cars were assigned road numbers as Series 161200-161449.

Paint & Lettering: Cars were painted UP red-oxide including truck side frames: TCP 180. Underbody was either red-oxide or coated with black car cement. Be sure to add some TCP-179 gray to replicate normal oxidation after the car has been exposed to the elements for a period of time. Wheels were unpainted and allowed to rust and gather a coating of axle grease and road grime.

As delivered, lettering was white stencil paste (set # UP A-50-17a) and slogans were Armour yellow. Beginning in November 1947, all lettering was Arnour Yellow. The slogan “Serves All The West” was on the left side, and “Road of the Steamliners” on the right. The S in the slogan changed somewhat over the years and finally settled on this version as seen on UP 161200 above. Be Specic ship UNION PACIFIC began replacing Serves All The West around 1951-1954, (set # A-50-17c) with two different spacings eventually settling on 18” between lines.

Note: 3” reporting marks to be applied to the end doors (A end), and 4” reporting marks applied to the B end.

Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals with artwork by Dick Harley
Printed by Microscale Industries

The modeler should refer to Terry Metcalf’s “UP Freight Cars:1936-51” to more fully understand the UP’s many lettering variations. For photos and detailed lettering drawings see Dick Harley’s website: https://harley-trains.smugmug.com/UP-PLN-FRT/B-Box-Cars/

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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