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33" 70-ton, ARA "E" rated axle, single insulated, multi wear tread

Part Number: PC-335

Price: $17.95/4

Bulk pricing for orders fo 12 sets of wheelpairs (48 axles) is $198.00 + $11.35 flat rate shipping

70-ton single-insulated wheelset with the correct rated wheel, axle and hub contour for 70-ton or lighter freight cars and tenders requiring electrical pickup.

Grabowski all steel wheels are machined to .115” width, a 20:1 tread taper with correct fillet, and a flange height of .0258”. 

Bulk pricing for orders of 12 sets or more of wheelpairs (48 axles or more) is available.  Contact Protocraft for rates and shipping at norm@protocraft.com

Part Number: PC-335 Price: $17.95/4 wheelpair

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