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36" 50-ton, ARA "D" rated axle, double insulated, multi wear tread

Part Number: PC-362

Price: $17.95/4

Bulk pricing for orders for 12 sets of wheelpairs (48 axles) is $198.00 + $11.35 flat rate shipping

50-ton double-insulated 36" wheelpair commonly used under head-end Pullman 4 and 6 wheel passenger, express and express refrigerator car trucks where electrical pickup is not required.  The application of 40-ton, 50-ton or 70-ton 36" wheel hub and axle specifications is dependent on the car weight that the wheels are to be used under.  Research on the modeler's part will determine the appropriate axle rating to apply to the specific model.

Grabowski all steel wheels are machined to .115” width, a 20:1 tread taper with correct fillet, and a flange height of .0258”. 

Bulk pricing for orders of 12 sets or more of wheelpairs (48 axles or more) is available.  Contact Protocraft at norm@protocraft.com

Part Number: PC-362 Price: $17.95/4 wheelpair

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