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Car Bolster conversion kit for brass cars (* will convert 5 cars)

Part Number: PC-80

Price: $9.95/5 kits*

Most brass imports other than Protocraft come with an oversize truck mounting screw which will not fit into the scale truck bolster.  Today new trucks are built to prototype dimensions and with this conversion kit the car bolster will be converted to prototype dimensions that neatly seat the car’s bolster bearing to the truck bolster bearing.  This kit is designed to work with PSC, PRB, Pacific Limited, KTM, US Hobbies, Max Gray and most brass imported cars.

Note:  the bushing is threaded to a US 1-72 screw no longer used in the hobby.  First install the new bushing and then run a 2mm tap through it to rethread the threads to take the now common 2mm truck screw that comes with most trucks.


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