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Great Northern 1937 Tongue & Groove with Universal hand brake.

Part Number: PC-3502

Price: $319.00/ each

Protocraft’s all-brass model of Great Northern’s 1937 Tongue & Groove wood sheathed boxcars encompasses 6 versions of this distinctive boxcar. Never
before done in O Scale, these exquisite and highly detailed models are built by Boo Rim Precision of Korea, adhering accurately to the actual GN Engineering Department drawings provided to Pullman-Standard in 1939, with Ed Hawkins as technical consultant. Trucks roll on hard steel sintered rib-back wheels with ball-bearings and have working journal covers.
The Great Northern received 8,000 of these cars from American Car & Foundry, Pullman-Standard, General American Transportation Corp and Pressed Steel Car Co, between September 1937 through April 1942.
At the time when the Country’s railroads were recovering from the Great Depression and ordering the new 1937 AAR design all-steel boxcars with 10’-0” inside
height, by the thousands, the GN specied wood siding over steel bracing and wood running boards. While utilizing prefabricated 4/5 Dreadnaught ends manufactured by Standard Steel and Murphy raised panel steel roofs, the GN engineering department specied an older 1924 twin-silled design with a riveted underframe. The initial order of 1,000 cars, delivered in June of 1937, were built by Pullman-Standard under Lot 5565 as Series 50000-50999. (Numbering progressed in reverse so that the nal 1,000 cars delivered in 1942 from General American Car Co were numbered 45000-45999, and somewhere in 1940 went as high as 52999.) These cars were delivered with the tall brake sta and Klasing handbrake assembly: PC-3501. The second group of of 500 cars, from AC&F under Lot 1675, and assigned Series 50500-50999, delivered in September 1937, also came with the tall brake sta, but with Universal handbrake assembys: PC-3502. Not until early 1940 did the Road receive Ajax end mounted hand brake assemblys, delivered from Pullman, under Lot 5629, Series 51000-51999: PC-3503. One group of 500 cars, built by Pullman in April 1942, under Lot 5697, Series 46500-46999, were the only cars to receive 7-Panel Superior doors: PC-3504
The nal versions oered by Protocraft are the 1944 plywood sided cars. Notable due to their distinctive Omaha Orange body with Pullman Green lettering and
medallion. Due to material shortages during WWII, plywood was specied for the sides and doors. Ninteen hundred plywood cars were built in GN’s St.Cloud,
Minnisota shops beginning in 1944 and assigned Series 44000-44999; later in 1945/46 the remaining 900 cars were built as Series 1000-10899. Two dierent plywood 6’ doors were applied - Camel ribbed door: PC-3505, and the Superior plywood door: PC-3506. All six versions are oered by Protocraft.
For technical reference and information on these cars refer to Ed Hawkins and Pat Wider’s comprehensive series, RP CYC Vol 23, pages 1-41
Accurate decals for each letrering scheme for each time period are available from Protocraft Decals.

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