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Decal Line ATSF

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Part Number
Product Name
Product Price
ATSF Bx-2 USRA 40-ton double sheathed boxcar, ATSF Class Bx-2 with CT for Colombia Trust     $6.50
ATSF Bx-12 Lettering for Santa Fe's extended height boxcars - 1940 and 1950 repaint scheme     $8.50
ATSF Bx-26 1937 AAR boxcar series Bx-26 for Santa Fe     $6.50
ATSF Bx-27 lettering for Type Bx-27 boxcars - all slogan schemes available     $8.50
ATSF Bx-34a 1940 Curved Map with Grand Canyon slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-34b 1940 Curved Map with Scout slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-34c 1940 Curved Map with El Capitan slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-34d 1940 Curved Map with Super Chief slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-34e 1940 Curved Map with Chief slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-34f 1947 SHIP & TRAVEL with GRAND CANYON slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-34g 1947 SHIP & TRAVEL with EL CAPITAN slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-34h 1947 SHIP & TRAVEL with SUPER CHIEF slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-34i 1947 SHIP & TRAVEL with CHIEF slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-37a Straight Map with SCOUT slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-37b Straight Map with GRAND CANYON slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-37c Straight Map with 1940 EL CAPITAN slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-37d Straight Map with 1940 SUPER CHIEF slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-37e Straight Map with 1940 CHIEF slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-37f SHIP & TRAVEL with 1947 GRAND CANYON slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-37g SHIP & TRAVEL with 1947 EL CAPITAN slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-37h SHIP & TRAVEL with 1947 SUPER CHIEF slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-37i SHIP & TRAVEL with 1947 CHIEF slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-43a straight Map & 1940 Super Chief slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-43f ship & travel & Grand Canyon slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-43g ship & travel & El Capitan slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-43h ship & travel & The Super Chief slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-43i ship & travel & The Chief slogan     $8.50
ATSF Bx-60-3 lettering set for the 8' cross scheme of 1959     $8.50

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